Your Wish For Linchpin

We use the Canny feedback management system to organize your product feedback. Here we analyze submitted ideas, which can then influence our product development.

How do we decide what will be implemented?

Your wishes and suggestions are directly received by the development team and are checked for their realizability. The exact number of votes is not the only factor that determines if we implement a feature or improvement. We also differentiate according to whether a function or improvement will benefit as many people as possible, how great the implementation effort is, and what capacities are currently available.


What is the number of votes ?


Does it benefit as many people as possible?


Are there any reasons against implementation ?


What are our developers' capacities ?

What is the amount of work behind the idea?

How is Canny structured?

Give Feedback

On the start page you will find an overview of all products that belong to the Linchpin family. To submit feedback or ideas, or to view the suggestions submitted so far, simply select the product you are interested in.

Create a post

Once you have selected a category, you will be given the opportunity to submit a new idea as well as an overview of all previously submitted ideas for this product. You create a new post on the left side by adding a suitable headline and a short description. It will then appear in the overview on the right side. You can also sort the posts according to your preferences.


To get an overview of the current development of Linchpin, you can find our roadmap at the bottom of the homepage. Here you can see which ideas are currently being tested, what’s coming next and which features our developers are currently working on in order to bring them into the next version of the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

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We are looking forward to your feedback

Let us know your ideas and wishes for future releases of the Linchpin Intranet Suite, Linchpin Essentials or a standalone app.

This is what your ticket status means


Your idea has reached us, will be reviewed and can collect votes and comments from others.

Under Review

Your feature request is shortlisted and we outline a possible implementation.


The feature will be implemented in one of the upcoming versions of Linchpin.

In Progress

The feature will be implemented. We are actively working on it right now.


The feature request was successfully implemented.


We closed the issue for various reasons, such as it was actually a bug and not a feature request, or we decided against implementing it.

Try Linchpin for free

You want to personalize Linchpin for your company and control who gets access to it? With just two clicks you can create your own Linchpin test system – it will automatically be available for 30 days within a few minutes. At the end of the test period your instance will be deleted.