AGES – Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH

A modern social intranet that serves as an information hub and promotes exchange and communication between approx. 1400 employees in the company.

Who is AGES?

The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH (AGES) is a company of the Republic of Austria and employs approx. 1400 people. AGES supports the management of the federal ministries in questions of public health, protection of human, animal and plant health as well as the safety and quality of nutrition.

What were the requirements?

Why did you choose Linchpin?

Linchpin offered the best overall package. The mixture of classic intranet functionalities, with an easy-to-configure navigation system and a customizable user interface was convincing. The extended user profiles and the resulting expert search are also a very important feature. Since we work across locations, location-based information also plays a major role. Employees are provided with customized and personalized information.

With Linchpin, a tool has been created that offers added value for all departmental and corporate forms and can drive digital networking within the company.

Jonathan Moosheer, AGES - Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH

How did the Golive go and how do the employees accept the new system?

What type of company would be interested in Linchpin?

Tools like Confluence and Jira are often found in IT teams. There they are very effective and widespread. For the rest of the company, Confluence and Jira are only of limited use in the standard because they require some technical understanding. With Linchpin, however, it is possible to create a tool that offers all employees added value – regardless of department or company form.