A digital platform for around 140 employees that promotes cooperation and exchange and invites people not only to consume information, but also to share their own content with everyone and to actively participate in processes.

Who is CAS AG?

CAS AG is a consulting firm with a focus on the integration of systems, data and processes. CAS AG is both an IBM and SAP partner and offers its consulting services for IT projects in the Financial Services, Insurance, Industry and Retail sectors. The company is based at four locations (Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Reutlingen) and currently employs around 140 people.

Why did CAS AG look for a new intranet solution?

CAS AG had to deal with digitalization and new working models. A project that was becoming increasingly important, was providing employees with modern and, above all, innovative tools and platforms. Since the company was already actively using Atlassian’s Confluence, the new solution was to be based on it. So the optimal choice ultimately was Linchpin.

What were the requirements for the new intranet?

The demands on the new system were quickly clear. A digital platform was to be created on which all colleagues can exchange information, but which also offers good opportunities for collaboration. It was also important to CAS AG that employees should not simply consume information, but should be able to contribute and make their own content available to everyone. In addition, consultants are often on the road, which is why a mobile app was also an important requirement. Since Atlassian’s Confluence was already in use, it was also intended to provide the basis for the system. And with this idea, the new digital platform of CAS AG grew with the help of Linchpin: KIWI.

CAS AG at the Tools4AgileTeams

How did the go-live of the new system go?

The go-live of KIWI went very well and without any complications. The focus was on working on and in the system at an early stage instead of remaining in the conception phase for a long time. The motto was always: KIWI first. So KIWI was also used throughout the initial set-up. Relatively quickly, the core group responsible for KIWI, set up both news channels and the mobile app and made them available to colleagues. The naming process for example, was also done via voting in which all employees could make name suggestions and then vote together. Everything was done directly in KIWI. A feedback forum was also set up – this way both feedback and suggestions for improvement could be collected and the system could be expanded even more meaningfully. The whole thing was rounded off with marketing measures to increase the use of the new system.

We were looking […] for a solution that would enable us to provide personalised information based on Confluence. And that’s when our decision fell relatively quickly on Linchpin from Seibert Media.
Ariane Kohs, Relationship Manager Financial Services at CAS AG
I provocatively said “no” [to the question of whether the expectations of the system were fulfilled] […] because I think they were exceeded, actually. I wouldn’t have thought that within […] nine months it would come to fruition like that, that’s great!
Jürgen Werner, Branch Manager Retail at CAS AG

How is KIWI used?

Linchpin in the form of KIWI fulfills several functions at CAS AG. The microblog is a very popular tool that replaces e-mails and, especially in company-wide communication, not only makes it much easier and clearer, but also promotes exchange. During the pandemic, for example, the microblog was also used to provide insights into one’s mobile office and to promote interpersonal interaction, which was all the more important during this time. The news is also a popular Linchpin feature that is often and happily used in KIWI by every department, including the board. KIWI’s dashboard represents a personalized communication hub and also offers other useful elements, such as the personalized customer list or various events, such as training courses or trade fairs, at which CAS AG is represented.