DER Touristik Compass

A social intranet for over 9,000 employees, connecting information and communication hubs and shortening distances in collaboration.

Who is DER Touristik?

DER Touristik is currently one of the leading tourist groups in German speaking countries. The group of experts of 9,400 employees in 14 source countries and over 150 destinations has one goal – turning the travel dream of each and every customer into a perfect, unforgettable experience.

What were the requirements?

As part of the expansion and internationalization of the company, a common intranet based on a technical portal was to be developed for all DER Touristik employees. It harmonizes a variety of existing info-net portals in the different parts of the organization, which used to communicate mostly autonomously.

What does the customer say?

“Initially we were very much fixated on the technology, eventually however, everything revolved around one question: How do we understand communication and collaboration in the future? […] The variety of functionalities convinced us. […] All the requirements that we have as a big organization are being met.”

Tobias Jüngert, Vice President Group Corporate Communications DER Touristik

How was the collaboration?

“The confidence of the team impressed us. They have a modern and clear understanding of communication. They know what they are talking about, and are rigorous when it comes to processes. […] By developing the system together with agile methods, Seibert saved us a lot of time – we did not expect that.”

Tobias Jüngert, Vice President of Group Corporate Communications DER Touristik