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enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover AG

A modern social collaboration platform for around 10,000 employees that supports digital collaboration, communication and agility in the company.

Who is enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover AG?

enercity AG supplies over 700,000 people in the Hanover region with electricity, natural gas, heating and drinking water. In addition, enercity also provides attractive electricity and gas products nationwide to business customers. With annual sales of around 2.3 billion euros, enercity is one of the largest municipal energy providers in Germany.

What were the requirements?

4.0 connect was launched as one of three strategic projects with the aim of promoting digital collaboration and communication as well as agility within the company.

The company’s existing intranet was showing its age as it was a traditional content management system designed for top-down communication. They wanted to preserve the existing Confluence-based wikis and the knowledge contained within them but transform them into a modern social collaboration platform. Through the conceptual design for the technical implementation, it was clear to all participants that the employees were the central focus and that all ideas for implementation had to reflect their needs.

What was the solution?

The existing Confluence system was extended with the Linchpin intranet suite developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. The new name “enerdigi”, derived from enercity and digital, won the internal naming competition.

In addition to a streamlined main navigation, we added a useful sidebar which is available on each page with three functions (Favorites/My Network/AppStore). This is an important component making it more efficient to find the information, tools and contacts you need to work with each day. A modern and custom design using the Linchpin Theme app as a foundation, put the focus on the six important components: news, user profiles, team wikis, FAQs, informal communication with a microblog, and surveys.