IPROconsult GmbH

IPROconsult GmbH from Dresden, has introduced a social intranet for 350 employees based on Linchpin and Confluence. Christin Löffler, Head of Corporate Communications, talks about the motivations, implementation and benefits of a social intranet in an interview.

Who is IPROconsult?

IPROconsult GmbH is an interdisciplinary planning partner for construction projects. With experience gained since 1949, the company, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019, assumes the responsibility for general planning in the fields of architecture, structural design, technical equipment and infrastructure as well as in specialized disciplines such as factory planning. IPROconsult, headquartered in Dresden, employs around 350 people at twelve locations.

What were the requirements?

“Our main goal is for IPROnet staff to find everything they need for their daily work.”

The new social intranet “IPROnet” should overcome the challenges we had with the previous system, which was characterized by classic top-down communication and low information permeability. We set clear objectives: improved communication, more information and transparency for employees, simple ways to exchange information within individual projects.

What does the customer say?

“Our old system was based on traditional top-down information. Our employees had no way to exchange information – and that’s simply guaranteed in the new system. […] They can exchange information within groups and create their own blog posts. They can provide information specifically tailored to their department. […] It is also very easy to integrate images and videos – all functions that you know from your private online tools that you want to have in your professional life.”

Christin Löffler, Head of Corporate Communications at IPROconsult GmbH

What do colleagues say?

“There’s a lot of positive feedback. If you compare it with the old system, it becomes clear that it is much more attractive and modern. […] The system is being used well […] and is developing step by step. And when people say that we still want that and that, then we can make it all possible. […] One advantage of the system is that you can respond to the requirements of the employees that arise later and modify it very quickly.”

Christin Löffler, Head of Corporate Communications at IPROconsult GmbH