Meyer Werft On Board

Development of an intranet solution from Confluence-Basis for around 3,500 users.

Who is Meyer Werft?

Meyer Werft GmbH & Co. KG is a German ship building company that is known for its large shipyard in Papenburg (located in the county of Emsland). In 1795, MEYER WERFT took up business for the first time in Papenburg. For over 200 years, a variety of ships have been built by the experts and specialists of the family business. In order to be able to compete internationally with other shipyards, production technology had to constantly be expanded. Thus, MEYER WERFT shipyard now has the world’s most modern ship building facilities.

What were the requirements?

The goal was to offer a single intranet solution to various different locations with different languages and to customize the solution for the individual user. Additionally, a channel to share corporate news easily with a user friendly interface.

The goal for project “On Board” was to set up Confluence, Jira, and Sharepoint as a platform for digital collaboration. The intranet project represents communication, information and services and is the foundation for project “On Board” as well as its technological extension. A quality management based on Confluence is being created. Additionally, various processes are to be supported with Jira.

What does the customer say?

How was the collaboration?

“In this setting, the casual style is great. It doesn’t feel like receiving consultation in a classical sense. (…) It is evident in the suggestions that there is a sense of urgency and //SEIBERT/MEDIA is pushing in the right direction. (…) It’s the level you’d want to have. You don’t just want to be sold something, but you want to collaborate sustainably.”

Wolf Wolzenburg, Solution Coordinator , Architect at Meyer Werft