Erlangen University Hospital

A modern employee portal that brings more than 8,000 employees together from different organizational units within Erlangen University Hospital.

Who is Erlangen University Hospital?

The most modern operating room in the world, the latest equipment and scientifically sound diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – Erlangen University Hospital with its 25 clinics, 18 departments and 7 institutes covers all areas of modern medicine.

What were the hospital’s requirements?

Before we were introduced to Linchpin intranet, there were many different software solutions that were being utilized within the different organizational units of the hospital. The goal was therefore to consolidate these solutions into one system, and this was achieved with Linchpin. From the user’s point of view, we hoped that this would make it easier for administrators to search for information and reduce the constant need for administrative support.

What does the customer say?

Why did you choose Linchpin?

“We had a catalogue of requirements which we tested against many systems (…) and in the end Confluence and Linchpin in combination with Jira had the best score. This convinced us to move forward with Linchpin.”

Clemens Brutscheck, Erlangen University Hospital