Linchpin Pricing per User

License costs for Linchpin and Confluence

Please note: If you already have purchased Confluence licenses, you do not have to buy them again. The total price is simply reduced by your existing license costs. All licenses are purchased through the Atlassian Marketplace in US dollars. Depending on the exchange rate and date of purchase, there may be deviations from the listed euro prices; The US dollar prices are authoritative.

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License costs for recommended apps

Please note: We will gladly help you decide which of these apps you need and verify this with you during the project. The apps below are used in the majority of all of the intranet projects we have completed, and which we therefore recommend as standard. However, you should only purchase licenses for the apps that meet your needs.

Costs for an introductory project with //SEIBERT/MEDIA at a fixed price

This is a fixed price with a guarantee for the successful implementation of your project:

  • This offer includes all the necessary services incurred as part of implementing a Linchpin project.
  • Exceptions are custom programming work, content creating or editing and extended training services.
  • The project ends with the successful launch of your intranet and a subsequent hypercare phase.

The services included in the Linchpin fixed-price project are billed as follows:

  • 30% – after placing the order
  • 20% – after the deployment and installation of the systems
  • 20% – after initial configuration of the Linchpin apps or the Linchpin Intranet Suite
  • 30% – after launch and acceptance of the productive system

An introductory project is completely optional. If you do not want to collaborate on an introductory project with us, but you want to install the software yourself, you can simply buy the licenses – we will gladly advise you on their functionality and prices.