Reichhart Logistik – myREICHHART

A modern intranet solution that provides a new information platform for approximately 250 employees and facilitates sharing knowledge.

Who is Reichhart Logistik?

REICHHART Logistik is a specialist for challenging and tailor-made transport, contract and digital logistics solutions. The family-owned company employs around 1,000 people at 20 locations in Europe. The company sees itself as a learning organization in which knowledge is developed, preserved, shared and applied in a process-oriented manner.

What were the requirements?

The goal was a modern, but classic intranet solution that offered a central information platform for all employees.

The previous intranet system was no longer up to date, the information was difficult to find and outdated content continued to increase. The new intranet was intended to simplify coordination within the company and store information centrally in one place so that it was easy to find. It should be a service offered to the employees in order to save valuable time in their daily work. It was also important that the system could be customized and that the company’s corporate design was reflected within the system.

Why did you choose Linchpin?

In the first few weeks, Linchpin’s clear strengths crystallized. Above all, the modular structure and the associated possibility of expanding the system if required, was quickly perceived as a major advantage. The simple and intuitive operation was also convincing. Linchpin now makes it easy to create and edit pages independently.

Linchpin was also able to help create a new process landscape. Workflows can be used to map new processes and manage work instructions, templates and forms in a release loop.

How did the introduction go?

To make the new intranet known to the employees, there were one to two weeks before the go-live banner in the old system that drew attention to the conversion. This was accompanied by a poster campaign that focused on searching and finding information. On the day of the go-live, the login to the new intranet was sent by e-mail to the employees. Via this e-mail, the employees were then able to register directly for a suitable training course. In addition, there were various video tutorials that were already integrated into the new intranet.

What’s the solution?